Defund the Police Webinar

On July 8, 2020 we hosted an informational webinar titled “Defunding the Police: What Does It Mean?” We gathered an expert panel comprised of an Emory faculty member, Dr. Michael Leo Owns, Emory staff person, Dr. Chanel Craft Tanner, Emory graduate student, Darrin Sims, and Emory undergraduate student, Liza Cobey. It was moderated by Dr. Jennifer Sarrett with assistance from Dr. Stacy Bell McQuaid. The panel addressed what defunding the police meant and some strategies for this movement.

You can view the webinar, with subtitles, here.

(*the first few seconds of the introduction were cut off, so please excuse the abrupt start)

Image of the flier for this event. It has the title and registration details along with headshots of the four panelists.