Dissertations & Theses


2018 Delinquency and the Digital Domain: The Influence of Online Activities and Victimization Experiences on Offline Crime and Cyber Aggression among Adolescents Semenza, Daniel sociology
2018 Beyond the Bars: Using U.S. Third World Feminism to Read Constructions of Carcerality in Hip-Hop Tanner, Chanel Craft Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
2016 The Carceral State, System Avoidance and Bare Life: The Effect of State Policy and Policing on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Delia Deckard, Natalie Marie Sociology
2016 Hope in Confinement: Moving Toward a Pedagogy of Restorative Hope. Farmer, Sarah Religion
2015 Race, Racism, & Crime: An Empirical Assessment of African American Offending Isom, Deena Ann sciology
2015 Locked Up: The Prison Genre in American Cinema Pike, Alan Gilchrist Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts
2014 Individual- and Census Tract-Level Factors Associated with Arrest among Men Who Have Sex with Men Betts, Joshua Edward Epidemiology
2014 Male Incarceration, the Health Care Service Environment and Sexual Health Dauria, Emily F public Health
2014 Code of the Prison: Inmate Culture and Post-Prison Outcomes in an Era of Mass Incarceration Grosholz, Jessica Marie sociology
2012 Overcoming the Odds: Understanding Formerly Incarcerated Women's Desistance from Crime Vitorino, Sarah Women Studies
2011 A Prison by any Other Name: Incarceration in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth- Century Audiencia de Quito. Czeblakow, Agnieszka History
2011 Evening the Score: Factors Affecting Criminal Responses to Injustice Scheuerman, Heather Leigh Sociology
2010 Legal Consciousness Among Youth at the Red Hook Community Justice Center Brisman, Avi Athropology
2009 Self-Complexity and Crime: Extending General Strain Theory Matthews, Shelley Keith sociology
2009 The Social Geometry of Death: Social Structure and Capital Punishment in Georgia, 1993 - 2000 Thaxton, Sherod sociology
2014 Code of the Prison: Inmate Culture and Post-Prison Outcomes in an Era of Mass Incarceration Grosholz, Jessica Marie Sociology

Master's Theses

2015 Treatment Outcomes of Conventional Therapies for Hepatitis C Federal Prisons and a Cost Analysis of Newer Therapies Ball, Takiyah Asha Public Health
2013 Connectivity, Prison Environment and Mental Illness among First-time Male Inmates in Mexico City, Mexico Albertie, Ariel Laurin Global Health
2013 Survival among Georgia Prison Releasees in Rural vs. Urban Residential Locations: A Retrospective, Observational Study Lloyd, Shawnta Lynette Epidemiology
2017 Motherhood Behind Bars: Motherhood, Identity, and Community in Prison Barker, Cameron Anthropology
2017 Disrupting the School-To-Prison Pipeline: A Project-Based Grant Proposal Thesis to Provide Community-Based Health Educational Opportunities as Prevention and Diversion from the Juvenile Justice System for Middle School Students in Fulton County, Georgia Bell, Donielle Prevention Science
2017 Prevalence and Risk Factors of TB Disease in South African Correctional Facilities Jordan, Alexander Meriwether Epidemiology
2017 Epidemiology of HIV and tuberculosis in five South African correctional facilities Stevenson, Kelsey Epidemiology
2016 Affected by Association: Having a family member with legal/police problems and body mass index in a multi-ethnic cohort of women transitioning through menopause Lemon, Tiffany La'Shay Epidemiology
2015 Susceptibility to Peer Influence: Its Causes and Consequences for Delinquency Greeson, Stephanie Marie sociology
2015 Change in Chest Radiography and Examination of Clinical Features to Identify Pulmonary Tuberculosis in a Haitian Prison Smith, Liz Epidemiology
2014 In and Out: Predictors of Recidivism and Locus of Care among Persons Living with HIV released from Jail Drobeniuc, Ana-Maria Epidemiology
2013 Survival Analysis from 1998-2010 of a Closed Prisoner Cohort Incarcerated in the Georgia Department of Corrections Cordier, Tristan Alexandre Epidemiology
2013 The Young and the Care-less?: Youthfulness as a predictor of poor linkage to community-based HIV care among seropositive jail releases in the EnhanceLink cohort Lang, Simona Goldman Epidemiology
2013 Factors Associated with Illicit Drug Use among Male Prisoners Before, During, and Following Incarceration in the Mexico City Prison System Machen, Alexandra Jay Epidemiology
2013 The Prison Social Milieu, Cell Overcrowding and Correlates to Inmate Substance Use: A Study of Drug Using Inmates in Three Mexican Prisons Madu, Nneka Janavive Global Health
2013 Tuberculosis Prevalence Among Entrants and Stock Population in a Haitian Prison: A Quality Assessment of Screening Procedures Mercer, Daniel William Epidemiology
2013 The association between serious mental impairment and sexual risk behaviors prior to incarceration among HIV-positive jail detainees: A cross-sectional observational study Miller, Kimberly Dawn Epidemiology
2013 Seeing Executions as Breaching the Liminal Line: Undermining Modern Justifications for the Death Penalty Williams, Jennifer Alden Theology
2012 Trapped Inside: A Qualitative Study Assessing the Psychosocial Factors of Suicide in Jails Mbaba, Mary BSCH
2013 The Prison Social Milieu, Cell Overcrowding and Correlates to Inmate Substance Use: A Study of Drug Using Inmates in Three Mexican Prisons Madu, Nneka Janavive Global Health

Honor's Theses

2017 The News Media, Public Opinion, and Criminal Justice Legislation: The Rise and Fall of Mass Incarceration ??? Sociology
2016 Discerning Justice: A Quantitative Analysis of Juvenile Offenders' Perceptions of Interactional and Procedural Justice in Restorative Conferencing Gilbert, Talia Nicole Sociology
2014 Stone Walls Do Not A Prison Make: Reclaiming Agency through Narrative in Jean Rhys' _Good Morning, Midnight_ and Charlotte Bronte's _Villette_ Wojciechowski, Miranda Kay English
2014 Victimless Crimes: Shifting Views and Demographic Indicators Worsham, Katrina Liang Sociology
2013 Los Desconocidos Sin Voces: Liminal Lives in the U.S.A. Levinson, Susan Danielle Spanish
2012 Hate Crimes: An Empirical Analysis on the Impact of Legislation Borys, Gregory Robert Economics
2012 The Long Shadow of Injustice: A historical re-periodization of the narrative of mass incarceration Matthews, Katherine Danielle African American Studies