Student Orgs

Emory SPEAR (Students for Prison Education, Activism and Resistance)

Emory SPEAR is a student-based organization at Emory University that resists the prison-industrial-complex while cultivating safe spaces for “systems-impacted” students on Emory’s campus. We host frequent discussions and workshops on issues related to incarceration.
Members of Emory SPEAR have volunteered with ForeverFamily assisting children with visits to see their incarcerated parents, and have offered tutoring and TA services to students in the Life University program at Lee Arrendale State Prison. These experiences allow SPEAR to do our part in reinforcing values of personhood and humanity. They also remind us to continue resisting mass incarceration.
In alignment with our mission, our vision is that Emory will raise awareness on the prison-industrial-complex by placing a strong emphasis on education for the purposes of rehabilitation and liberation. We hope that Emory will provide students with more opportunities to help our community inside and outside of Emory’s walls.